is the online bookselling site of Don Lindgren. I deal in rare works illustrating 20th century cultural history. Documentation of artistic, intellectual and social movements and works by maverick independent thinkers are represented in my inventory.  My wife Samantha and I also operate an open shop in Portland, Maine, specializing in books on food & drink, and some of our art book holdings are there as well. You can find out more about this part of our business as
I’m particularly interested in primary works of cultural history by figures such as Sigmund Freud, John Cage, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Le Corbusier, Marcel Duchamp, Buckminster Fuller, Apollinaire and others. I also sell printed items related to major movements including dada and surrealism, fluxus, situationism, futurism, constructivism, the bauhaus, and conceptual art.
In addition to books and works on paper, I stock rare periodicals of the 20th c. avant-gardes as well as a select group of artists’ books and book sculptures.
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