Hulten, K.G. Pontus.
New York: Museum of Modern Art, 1968.
Small square quarto, 216 pages. First edition. A seminal exhibition catalogue, which in design, content and subject matter approached a new ideal. Taking cues from design historians including Reyner Banham and Sigfried Gideion, Hulton presents an overview of mechanization in art from DaVinci to Duchamp, the Lumiere brothers to LaMonte Young. Capping it off is a selection of submissions of artists' and engineers' contemporary projects compiled by Experiments in Art & Technology.  Profusely illustrated. Designed by Hulten, with John Mellin and Gusta Svensson. Sections printed in black or blue. Cover designed by Anders Osterlin, and screen printed onto embossed aluminum boards. Hinged metal binding. Very slight rubbing to a few edges of the metal boards, otherwise very good.
$100 -
The Machine as Seen at the End of the Mechanical Age.