by design archive
(Lustig, Alvin - jacket design) Lawrence, D.H.
The Man Who Died.  
Rand, Paul (Yusaku Kamekura, editor). 
Paul Rand: His Work from 1946 to 1958. (prospectus).
Tinguely, Jean (CNAC).
Machines de Tinguely. Exposition realisee par le Centre National d'Art Contemporain.
Hulten, K.G. Pontus.
The Machine as Seen at the End of the Mechanical Age.
(Lustig, Alvin - designer) Acton, Lord (John Emerich Edward Dalberg) .
Essays on Freedom and Power. Selected and with a new introduction by Gertrude Himmelfarb. 
Sutnar, Ladislav & K. Lonberg Holm.
Catalogue Design Process - a prospectus.
Sutnar, Ladislav.
Ladislav Sutnar: Visual Design in Action.
[Sutnar, Ladislav] Champion Papers.
Charger Tag, in white and manila.
Sutnar, Ladislav.
How to Show Telephone Numbers on Letterheads.
Sutnar, Ladislav.
Carrs, Creating a Store Personality - [Sutnar, 1956-57].
Sutnar, Ladislav.
Adventures with a Logotype - "Addo-X" corporate image development details - [Sutnar 1956-59].
Sutnar, Ladislav.
An Interval of Design Freedom - [Sutnar, 1960].
Sutnar, Ladislav (Sweet's Catalogue Service).
What? Why? How? Essential Product Information.
(Wim Crouwel & Jolijn van de Wouw - Total Design)  Stedlijk Musuem.
Op Losse Schroeven. Situaties en Cryptostructuren.
(Zdanevich, Il'ia). Terent'ev, Igor.
Traktat o sploshnom neprilichii (Treatise on Total Obscenity).
Industrial Design, 2.
(Lustig, Alvin).
On My Way. Poetry and essays 1912-1947.
(Paul Rand - designer) Arp, Jean.
Vo Ves' Golos (At the Top of One's Voice).
(Telingater, Solomon - designer)  Mayakovsky, Vladimir.
Never Leave Well Enough Alone. The personal record of an industrial designer from lipsticks to locomotives.
Loewy, Raymond.
The Land Divided. A History of the Panama Canal and Other Isthmian Canal Projects.
(McKnight-Kauffer - jacket designer) Mack, Gerstle.