books by design
(Lustig, Alvin - jacket design) Lawrence, D.H.
The Man Who Died.  
New York: New Directions, 1950.  
Small octavo, 103 pages. 2nd printing, following the Knopf
Rand, Paul (Yusaku Kamekura, editor). 
Paul Rand: His Work from 1946 to 1958. (prospectus).
Minnneapolis: Walker Art Center, 1959. 
Small folding prospectus, approximately 6"x11". First
Tinguely, Jean (CNAC).
Machines de Tinguely. Exposition realisee par le Centre National d'Art Contemporain.
Paris: CNAC, 1971.  
Octavo, unpaginated. First edition of this catalogue of a retrospective
Hulten, K.G. Pontus.
The Machine as Seen at the End of the Mechanical Age.
New York: Museum of Modern Art, 1968.
Small square quarto, 216 pages. First edition. A seminal
(Lustig, Alvin - designer) Acton, Lord (John Emerich Edward Dalberg) .
Essays on Freedom and Power. Selected and with a new introduction by Gertrude Himmelfarb. 
London: Thames and Hudson / A Meridian Book, 1956. 
Small octavo, 350 pages. First UK edition of
Sutnar, Ladislav & K. Lonberg Holm.
Catalogue Design Process - a prospectus.
New York: Sweet's Catalogue Service, n.d.    
Quarto, 1 page, printed recto and verso. First edition
Sutnar, Ladislav.
Ladislav Sutnar: Visual Design in Action.
Cincinatti: The Contemporary Arts Center, c. 1961.
Tall octavo, 12 pages. First edition of this
[Sutnar, Ladislav] Champion Papers.
Charger Tag, in white and manila.
Knightsbridge, Ohio: Champion Papers, N.d. c. 1950.
Oblong octavo, one printed page of text and
Sutnar, Ladislav.
How to Show Telephone Numbers on Letterheads.
N.p: Bell System, n.d. c. 1945-55.
Quarto, unpaginated. First edition of this instructional
Sutnar, Ladislav.
Carrs, Creating a Store Personality - [Sutnar, 1956-57].
Quarto, 6 pages printed in red, black, blue and yellow. First edition of this exposition
Sutnar, Ladislav.
Adventures with a Logotype - "Addo-X" corporate image development details - [Sutnar 1956-59].
Quarto, 6 pages, printed throughout in blue, black red and yellow. First edition of this
Sutnar, Ladislav.
An Interval of Design Freedom - [Sutnar, 1960].
c. 1960.    
Quarto, unpaginated (10 pages). First edition. Designed throughout by Sutnar, with bold
Sutnar, Ladislav (Sweet's Catalogue Service).
What? Why? How? Essential Product Information.
New York: Sweet's Catalogue Service, 1942.
Quarto-sized folding sheet. First edition. A handsome
(Wim Crouwel & Jolijn van de Wouw - Total Design)  Stedlijk Musuem.
Op Losse Schroeven. Situaties en Cryptostructuren.
Amsterdam: Stedlijk Museum, 1969. Quarto, unpaginated. Two parts bound in one wrapper, designed by Wim Crouwel and Jolijn van de Wouw of Total Design. The first part is an illustrated catalogue of work by the participants, who included Carl Andre, Joseph Beuys, Walter de Maria, Jan Dibbets, Barry
(Zdanevich, Il'ia). Terent'ev, Igor.
Traktat o sploshnom neprilichii (Treatise on Total Obscenity).
[Tiflis: 41 degrees, 1919-20]. Octavo, 21.8x16.9cm, 15 pages. First edition, one of approximately 250 copies. Designed throughout by Zdanevitch, as were all publications of 41 degrees. Zdanevitch had returned to the Caucasus in 1916 from Petrograd, and there, along with the poets Kruchenykh and
a selection of books designed by some of the 20th century's great designers, and a few unusual items with cover art or typography by surprising contributors.
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