(Huna Research Associates) Long, Max Freedom.
Los Angeles: Huna Reseach Associates, 1950.    
Convolute of original bulletins: HRA 1, 2, & 3; HRA Telepathic Mutual Healing Group; Compiled HRA Bulletins 1, 2 & 3 comprising bulletins 4 - 26; and loose bulletins 27 - 37. 38 bulletins in all, approximately 500 pages. With two TLS, 3 pages in all, each initialed M.F.L. Early original documentation of this religio-psychological group which loosely found its origin in the belief systems of the Polynesian kahunas. The bulletins constitute the complete "teachings" of this group and address various issues of interest to Long including prayer, "mana," the "High Self," faith, Dr. Oscar Brunler and his pendulum experiments, firewalking, and most interesting, L.Ron Hubbard and Dianetics (published the same year). The last eight bulletins address the reception of Dianetics within the Huna community and documents the experience a number of HRAs had with various elements of Dianetics. The reception is quite open-minded, although the bulletin does record what the HRAs consider both failures and successes. Long's own moderately negative reactions focus on what he sees as a reappropriation of simple psychological mechanisms, and on the ability of Hubbard to make money from his teachings. Very interesting stuff. These stapled mimeographed materials are in generally very good condition, with some edgewear and a bit of rusting to the staples and paperclips. Very scarce documentation.
$1500 -
Huna Research Associates -  group of thirty-eight bulletins.