new arrivals archive
Kreymborg, Alfred.
Mushrooms, A Book of Free Forms.
Sartre, Jean-Paul.
Explication de l'Etranger.
Becher, Bernd and Hilla.
Anonyme Skulpturen. A Typology of Technical Constructions.
D'ors, Eugenio.
Pablo Picasso. Translated from the Spanish by Warre B. Wells.  
(Messel, Alfred).
A. Wertheim G.M.B.H. Berlin. Leipziger Strasse, am Leipziger Platz. Weitere Verkhaufshauser in Berlin.
Frank, Robert
The Americans.
Renger-Patzsch, Albert.
Eisen und Stahl. 97 Fotos von Albert Renger-Patzsch.
(Gabo, Naum) Hamilton, George Heard.
Naum Gabo. Space and Kinetic Constructions.  
Sitte, Camillo.
The Art of Building Cities. City building according to its artistic fundamentals.  
Hartree, Douglas.
Calculating Instruments and Machines.  
The Gallery of Everyday Art (Walker Art Center) .
The Gallery of Everyday Art. Furniture and Fabrics. Second Exhibition in the Everyday Art Gallery.  
Duchamp, Marcel (Richard Hamilton - designer & George Heard Hamilton, translator).
The Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelors Even.  
Michaux, Henri.
Mouvements. Soixante-quatre dessins. Un poeme. Une postface.  
Raymond, Antonín (Nakamura, Katsuya, editor).
Antonín Raymond. His work in Japan 1920-1935. Preface by Elie Faure.  
Stepniak [Sergei Kravchinski]. 
The Career of a Nihilist. A Novel.  
Arbus, Diane.
Diane Arbus. An Aperture Monograph.  
Billy, A(ndre).
Scene de la Vie Litteraire a Paris.  
Titayna, A.P. Pantoine & R. Lugeon.
Chez les Mangeurs d'Hommes. Nouvelles Hebrides. [In the House of the Cannibals].  
Calder, Alexander.
Three Young Rats, and other Rhymes. Drawings by Alexander Calder. Edited and with an Introduction by James Johnson Sweeney.
(Heartfield, John) Sinclair, Upton.
Petroleum. [Oil!] Roman.
Alechinsky, Pierre.
Pierre Alechinsky, Ideotraces.
Matta (Gallerie Rene Drouin) (with an essay by Andre Breton).
Preliminaires sur Matta. 
Klee, Paul (Berggruen & Cie.) Prevert, Jacques.
l'univers de Klee 
Kandinsky, Wassily (designed by Max Bill).
Essays uber Kunst und Kunstler. 
Roth [Rot], Diter [Dieter] Rhode Island School of Design Museum of Art.
Recent Still Life. February 23-April 4, 1966. 
Dali, Salvador. 
American Fabrics. Silk. Commemorative Issue. 1957 (with original cover design by Dali).  
(Huna Research Associates) Long, Max Freedom.
Huna Research Associates -  group of thirty-eight bulletins.
de Lempicka, Tamara (Julien Levy Galleries) Maurois, Andre.
Paintings by Tamara de Lempicka (Barones de Kuffner).
(Clews, Henry) Musee Jacquemart-Andre.
Le Monde Etrange de Henry Clews. Exposition 15-30 Juin 1959.
Cassandre, A.M.
Color lithograph advertising card for Maison Prunier.
Claudel, Paul.
Ideogrammes Occidentaux.
Computer Graphics. Une Esthetique Programmee.
Mohr, Manfred
Les Pas sur le Sable. Ornements graves sur bois par Alexandre Noll.
(Noll, Alexandre illustrator) Remy de Gourmont.
Medium. communications surrealiste. nouvelle serie, no. 1-4.
Schuster, Jean ed.
Vasilisa Prekrasnaja. (The Beautiful Vasilisa).
Bilibin, Ivan Jakovlevic.
Vitalita del Negativo Nell'Arte Italiana 1960/70.
Carlo, Argan Giulio & Achille Bonito Oliva.
Frank Lloyd Wright, Aus Dem Lebenswerke Eines
(Wright, Frank Lloyd) de Fries, H.
L'architecture vivante en Allemagne Troisième Série.
(Bauhaus) Badovici, Jean.
Troisieme Front. Poemes de guerre, suivi de pieces detachees.  Illustre par l'Auteur. Third Front and Detached Pieces.
Mesens, E.L.T.
Railroad Comfort and Patent Furniture. offprinted from The Technology Review.
Giedion, Sigfried.
July, August, September 1969. Juillet, Août, Septembre 1969. Juli, August, September 1969. New York: Seth Siegelaub, July 1969.
Siegelaub, Seth, ed.
New York. Life Is Good For You and Good In New York, Trance Witness Revels.
William Klein.
Millennium Star Atlas: An All Sky Atlas, Comprising One Million Stars to Visual Magnitude Eleven from Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues and Ten Thousand Non-stellar Objects. In Three Volumes.
Sinnott, Roger W. & Michael A.C. Perryman.
An Electronic Studio Manual, for use with R.A. Moog's voltage controlled, modular synthesizing equipment.
Pellegrino, Ronald (Moog, Robert).
Mobius Poem: Being a Four Dimensional Concrete Sculpture Happening.
Gray, Don
Les Mots En Liberte Futuristes.
Marinetti, F.T.
50 Years Bauhaus. German Exhibition.  
Bayer, Herbert; Grote, Ludwig; Honisch, Dieter; Wingler, Hans.
La Jetée: Cine-Roman.
Marker, Chris.
The Bald Soprano.
(Massin) Ionesco, Eugene.
Le Bread and Puppet Theatre.
Kourlisky, Francoise.