the new york scene
(Fluxus) Hendricks, Geoffrey, Allan Kaprow, Carolee Schneemann, Al Hansen, Nam June Paik et al.
New York: Judson Gallery, 1967.  
Medium-sized printed envelope, with 12 sections.  First
Herzka, D.
Pop Art One.
New York: Publishing Institute of American Art, 1965.  
Octavo-sized double spiral-bound book, 27
Cage, John
One page TLS, dated Feb. 9, 1972.
One page typed letter, signed (26 lines), dated Feb. 9, 1972 and sent from Cage's Bank Street,
(Kline, Franz) Sidney Janis.
An Exhibition of New Paintings by Franz Kline, Opening Monday 4-7, March 7 to April 2 1960.
New York: Sidney Janis Gallery, 1960.
Quarto, unpaginated. First edition of catalogue of a
Johnson, Buffie (Betty Parsons Gallery).
Recent Works by Buffie Johnson. March 27 to April 15-1960.
New York: Betty Parsons Gallery, 1950.
Small folding announcement, printed on the verso only.
New York. Life Is Good For You and Good In New York, Trance Witness Revels.
Klein, William
London: Photography Magazine, (1956).
Quarto. First UK edition, closely following the Paris
Performance 1.
Graham, Dan.
New York: John Gibson, 1970.    
Quarto, 34 pages. First edition of this documentation of a
Cage, John.
New York: Something Else, 1969.  
Oblong thick octavo, 320 pages. First edition, one of 3034
Changes: Notes on Choreography.
Cunningham, Merce.
New York: Something Else Press, 1968.                
Squarish octavo, unpaginated. First edition
Hartt Chamber Players, Max Neuhaus - Ives, Feldman, Cage, Simons, Brown.
(Ives, Charles; Feldman, Morton; Cage, John et al). Max Neuhaus.
New York: n.p., 1966.                      
Single folded sheet, announcement for a performance at
(Guston, Philip - wrapper design) Coolidge, Clark.
New York: Angel Hair Books, 1968. Quarto, unpaginated. First edition of Coolidge's first book. One
TDR Tulane Drama Review, vol. 10 #2 (the Fluxus issue).
(Fluxus) Maciunas, George.
New Orleans: Tulane Drama Review, 1965.    
Small octavo, 244 pages. Contributions by John Cage,
Five typed letters signed, dated 1963 - 1965.
Brakhage, Stan. (David Meltzer).
1963-1973.  Five typed letters signed, each single spaced and lengthy, addressed to San Francisco
New Happenings at the Reuben Gallery.
(Kaprow, Allan; Jim Dine, et al.) Reuben Gallery.
New York: Reuben Gallery, circa 1960.  
Folded flier. 7.5 x 14 inches. Announcement of upcoming
John Cage * William Masselos * Greta Sultan * David Tudor, Pianos. April 30, 1957.
(Cage, John).
New York: n.p., 1957.    
23.5 x. 300cm. Small poster, printed on green newsprint in a nineteenth
Film Culture. nos. 1-79 (complete).  
Mekas, Jonas ed. (Maciunas, George – designer).
New York: 1955-96.      
Various sizes, octavo and quarto. First editions, illustrated with
The Living Theatre. Faustina.
(Living Theatre) Goodman, Paul (Malina, Judith & Julian Beck, Directors).
(New York): Living Theatre, (1952).
Small folded broadside. First edition, original program
The Living Theatre. Stein, Picasso, Eliot.
(Johnson, Ray / Living Theatre).
(New York): (Living Theatre), (1951).            
Octavo, 16 unstapled pages. First edition,
Software. Information Technology: Its new meaning for art.
(The Jewish Museum).
New York: The Jewish Museum, 1970.    
Folio, 72 pages. First edition of this catalogue of an
The Art of Robert Wilson. Part I.
Brecht, Stefan (Wilson, Robert).
New York: Vanishing Rotating Triangle, 1972.    
Quarto, 21 pages. First edition of this early
the fifties, sixties and seventies in NYC, as evidenced in books, little magazines, conceptual art documentation, and social and cultural ephemera.
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